Our Ministries

Women Ministry

Women ministry encourages women to discover and develop their potentials, to use their God-given gifts, strength and resourcefulness to advance their lives, build their homes, support the church and contribute to societal wellbeing. It aimed at moulding women that are invaluable members of the community, heavenly minded, respectable, kind, prayerful and virtuous.

Men of Valor

The Men of Valor is premised on equipping men with useful skills to be world changers. It provides the platform for men to express themselves, explore their abilities, network, learn, collaborate and share in a safe environment. It encourages the deployment of abilities and resources in the service of God and humanity.

The Chosen Generation (TCG)

This ministry is a forum for young adults meant to inspire the pursuit of excellence in spiritual, intellectual, social, personal, moral and career development. Its purpose is to raise responsible adults, exemplary leaders and godly role models. It employs listening to the youth and providing tailor-made guidance they needed at this critical stage of life.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministry is set in an educative and interactive environment focused on character development. The ministry is located in a safe environment and boasts of a dedicated team of passionate caregivers and the learning tools that will help children with all-round development while having fun.

House Fellowship

House Fellowship provides us with the opportunity to represent the church’s mission in neighbourhoods, it fosters the spirit of friendliness. Through the House Fellowship, we are able to propagate and promote the Christian character of help and support the godly culture for which Canada and Canadians are well known.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the opportunity that God has given us to ask of Him. If you have a Prayer Request you want us to pray about or agree with you as touching your expectations, then fill out the form on the Contact page and we shall endeavour to pray for you. Matthew 18:19 says “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven”